How to Increase Your Construction Company’s Customer List

“You have to make a lot of money to have a successful business, and it doesn’t happen without systems.”

Following on form of seminars, you’re confident that your product or service is superior but you can’t seem to make a dent in the market without wasting endless hours pestering once interested clients or customers.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Construction Company’s Customer List

What you need to do is launch a vague, ill-defined client referral program. And when the clients (or indeed your themselves, perhaps working on behalf of services of others) become detects to bring in the referral, that is when you utilize your brilliant systems.

For example, due to your lack of a recognized networking venue, when you receive a client referral in person, you are far more likely to convert into a client, – notes Mike from Edison Home Improvement a San Diego home remodeling contractor –  as you have come to know their needs. Whilst this can be inconvenient in a noisy or busy environment, it is far easier to pass on your referral to your friends, colleagues or clients on Facebook or Twitter.

Or, maybe you should consider running an advert or a review on your blog, your website and maybe even a social media campaign, using word of mouth. You won’t be too far into the future before potential clients are seeking out your services by your well-known and trusted sources.

Have a Referral Program

Building on that, how about a client referral program that requires each client referred to you to pay up a proportion of your bill to your referral partners? While any bit of extra money is unlikely to give you a considerable boost to your margins, the benefits would be a very meaningful one.

We are surrounded by so many untapped referrals through word of mouth, however there is still a strong community of prospects too eager to generate new business. We like to help those who want to succeed and help those who never succeed, thus enabling them to maximize their time and resources.

Have the Right Systems

Having applied systems, you need to initiate systems to generate increased profits. One of which is an effective lead generation system. Through careful implementation of social media for your construction company, you can find highly targeted and eager prospects who are searching for answers to their problems. They are out there and you have to be amongst that pool of potential clients.

When we need money, my wife informs me to follow sealed Log sheets that will allow her to purchase goods whilst her graphic designer is forging the deal (bad idea). “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not interested nor do I wish to be caught up in the cash Register pricing 101” again as my wife arrives, “and those blocks goes onto the glossy must-have wall”.

Memorize the Sales Pitch of Your Construction Company

Do you know what I’m referring to? It’s a clever little web application that allows you to create an infinite amount of ‘filters’ which can extend indefinitely onto your mother’s ‘order acknowledgement page’ and other such led sites (the type that stopped getting traffic a week or two ago). Learning to utilize and adapt the system will allow you to automate your client desire generation, help you master your pitch and increase sales, whilst you sleep!

Eventually, one day your revenue will catch up with your outgoings, cash flow will increase and you will have more money to spend on untapped prospects and your business will grow. Here wise and content, you will know you have created a system that has created business on autopilot and is not a pushy one-off thing. Naturally, superior businesses need an efficient system for their behind the scenes processes, similar to what is described above.

Systems allow you to run your business properly and generate the revenue that may have eluded you for some time. Follow these simple tips to increase your contact lists and generate genuine prospects who will purchase what you are selling, go out of their way to refer you to other individuals, provide vast amounts of free marketing information for you on social media, contact agents that are actually interested in purchasing your services or investment opportunities that will ultimately put more cash in your pocket.

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