Case Study: Roofing Company Website Redesign

Aqua FX Site Upgrade Contextual investigation: Roofing Company

“The site has been advantageous for our organization! We worked with CRS Roofing from Portland to get this redesign done. I have seen an expansion in drives coming in through our site. I’m extremely satisfied with the plan and design of our new site and our new site is more easy to understand now. The new plan your own structure page gives our clients a visual of what shading their new structure will be. Having a modern site makes our organization stand apart over the rest.”– Brandon White, Proprietor/Director of White Development

White Development is a family-possessed business in Johnson City, Tennessee that spends significant time in the deals and development of metal material and “post casing structures,” a sort of construction that utilizes weighty wood radiates as the casing with a metal rooftop on top. They moved toward Aqa FX Intuitive about an all out site upgrade in mid 2017.

White Development’s current site was worked around 2007 and hadn’t changed much in the a long time since. It for the most part filled in as a spot to put contact data, general insights regarding the business, and photographs of finished development projects. They needed another site with a more present day look that would be versatile agreeable, simple to refresh in-house and offer more substance for possible clients to see. During the arranging stage co-proprietor Brandon White additionally had a thought – imagine a scenario in which there was a path for clients to envision what their structure may resemble with their many shading mixes.

Making a “Plan Your Own Structure” Page

When the site was going, we started dealing with an answer for a structure configuration device clients could use to modify their venture. Working from a high-goal photograph of a White Development building we took, we made a Javascript-based device that permits the client to choose from any mix of the 17 shades of metal White Development can offer for rooftops, siding and trim. The photograph of the structure refreshes continuously dependent on the alternatives the client chooses. Snap here to see the White Development building architect in real life. Many roofing contractors use these types of design.

The Aftereffects of a Website Update

Brandon White says they’ve seen a stamped expansion in drives coming from their new site. Numerous clients have noticed the simplicity of utilizing the site, just as the how advantageous the custom shading device is when choosing what tones to decide for their structure. On dispatch we showed Brandon how he can utilize Google’s Ongoing Examination device to observe how traffic responds on his site after one of the organization’s advertisements airs on neighborhood TV slots to screen what pages they’re visiting the most, which permitted us to retool the first page for a simpler client experience.

Measurably the site is doing very well eighteen months after dispatch. There has been a consistent increment of new guests and the normal client goes through more than three minutes on the site with the Exhibition, Plan Your Structure and Reach Us for a Statement pages being among the most-visited on the site, offering a simple way for clients to realize who White Development is, their main event, and how to begin on another undertaking.

Does your site need a facelift or an absolute redesign? Contact Aqua FX Intelligent today and get these sorts of results for your business! We’ll work with you to foster the ideal site to accommodate your plan of action and increment your primary concern.

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